Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ Version 2018.4846 Free

DJ software program for amateurs and professionals alike

Not only cats scratch! Virtual DJ can also scratch, and if you're not familiar with the term, you're more than welcome to dive into the world of mixing and scratching offered by this professional DJ software program which also suits amateurs.
Virtual DJ is a professional software program for DJs which enables them to mix audio and video, to scratch, and to apply several other features, on their way to conquer the dance floor. It includes a mixer and two record players (virtual, naturally) into which you can drag music files, and organize them by desired order of playing. It allows setting transitions between songs, sound volume, as well as other parameters featured by any mixer such as bass and treble.
Hand Virtual DJ the reins with the automatic mixing feature
This feature enables the software program to mix without necessitating you to manually intervene with bass or treble levels. You can kick back and let it determine appropriate levels by itself, although, from time to time, the results can get interesting, so to speak.
Other features worth exploring
You'll enjoy experimenting with sampling, looping, adding effects, mixing and scratching. You can record mixings for later use in MP3 format and even to burn them onto CDs, should you still be in possession of an old CD drive. It supports two sound cards if you have them installed, and you can even broadcast over Internet radio your results should you feel especially proud of your accomplishments.
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